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FreeCommander XE 2021 Build 840 32-bit public

#286 Post by Marek » 18.12.2020, 18:57

Important changes and bug fixes in the release 840 compared to 810a

- Bug fix: Viewer - mouse wheel zoom function is inverted
- Bug fix: New status bar item can not be created if program started with default settings parameter
- Bug fix: Minor Toolbars dialog filter vs icons issue
- Bug fix: Viewer - "fit to window" sometimes is broken
- Bug fix: The position of the scroll bar may be wrong after switching from detailed view to thumbnail view.
- Bug fix: Temporary and not locked file container TAB not always removed on program closing
- Bug fix: Aborting the drag&drop operation with ESC can lead to an unwanted selection of files/folders (NC selection mode)
- Bug fix: Viewer form (F3) option "Stay on top" does not work correctly
- Bug fix: Exception on main window activating if only one pane visible and refresh option "Refresh when FreeCommander is activated" is checked
- Bug fix: Program start is faulty and program can not be closed - this behavior only appears when the program is started from a shortcut that has "Properties/Shortcut/Run: Maximized"
- Bug fix: Manipulate files with emojis in their name is not possible
- Bug fix: Default action issue with multiple files
- Bug fix: Function "Same folder Ctrl+E" sometime does not switch the folder properly
- Bug fix: Window size and position lost when exit from fullscreen
- Bug fix: Tabs drag&drop - always active tab is dropped if the option "With click on the active tab - change to the last active" is active
- Bug fix: Wrong data populating (right-shifted columns) after F10 (top/bottom split)
- Bug fix: Column width not remembered across close/re-open
- Bug fix: Recycle Bin panel switch issue
- Bug fix: The definition of the font size for dialogs (Tools->Settings->View) does not work for Settings dialog
- Bug fix: "Layouts edit" dialog - after deleting of the last layout the OK button is not active (it is not possible to delete all layouts)
- Bug fix: Mounted volume size is not properly shown in progress bar of the drive bar
- Bug fix: Search dialog doesn't find content of folder with semicolon in its name
- Bug fix: Focus is lost if deleting a file in the thumb view mode
- Bug fix: Next/previous tab shortcuts broken when using some context menu options
- Bug fix: Tab name maybe not updated
- Bug fix: Tooltip for button in the action toolbar maybe wrong if custom icon is used
- Bug fix: Renaming a file that is open in Quick View can break the display in Quick View
- Bug fix: Status info for '..' item was never used
- Bug fix: Keyboard shortcuts maybe lost when using "Desktop Snapshot"
- Bug fix: Sorting Windows columns of date type does not work properly for many timestamp formats (e.g. in recycle bin)
- Bug fix: Opening program links from the FreeCommander Desktop is broken
- Bug fix: Keyboard shortcuts do not work in Quick View pane
- Bug fix: Exception possible if copy/move files from library
- Bug fix: Internal viewer issues after clicking buttons to change view
- Bug fix: Deleting/copying a file from the desktop can throw an exception
- Bug fix: Opening ftp/sftp path from favorite folders tree broken
- Bug fix: Context menu function "Rename" partially broken
- Bug fix: Empty favorite toolbar will be shown if all toolbar items are defined as visible only in menu
- Bug fix: Opened tree pane may slow down some operations
- Bug fix: Multirename form - tooltip always on top
- Bug fix: Color issue in the setting dialog
- Bug fix: Tree pane - rename with F2 key is partially broken if the option "Allow rename on slow double click" is disabled
- Bug fix: Thumbnail of the text file is blurry if dark background is used
- Bug fix: Text thumbnails with unicode format broken
- Bug fix: Deleting the item '..' from context menu may cause freezing
- Bug fix: Plain view is not preserved after FC restart on left panel
- Bug fix: Problem with text color of the active tab
- Bug fix: Customize favorite toolbars - Changing the order of the buttons has no effect if you add a separator
- Bug fix: Rar archives cannot be opened if encryption for file names has been activated. Workaround - first open an archive without encryption.
- Bug fix: Define action toolbars - option "Show drop down arrow only" is broken
- Bug fix: Search files/folders - The same file can exist several times in the result list if the search location is not correctly defined
- Bug fix: Search files/folders - cancellation of the deletion dialog is not handled correctly
- Bug fix: Search files/folders - file selection in the result list maybe wrong after deleting of some files from the list
- Bug fix: Position of active item is not updated when using quick viewer
- Bug fix: If we press backspace in a subfolder, FC goes to parent folder, but sometimes fails to focus on the subfolder (when folders are sorted at the end of the list and extension ist not showed in the name column)
- Bug fix: Exception in search dialog
- Bug fix: Bug in saving settings (FavoritesTreeColorSelectedNodeInactive)
- Bug fix: Selection maybe broken if hover time is used
- Bug fix: Position issue when switching modes in plain view
- Bug fix: Language defined as command line parameter is not correctly set
- Bug fix: Multi rename problem
- Bug fix: Dialog display issue after FC restart with 'Defined font' for dialogs
- Bug fix: File list display issues after renaming
- Bug fix: Quick filter delete/backspace bug
- Bug fix: File container drag&drop and cut refresh issue
- Bug fix: Automatic view may not work if the "View type" option is set to <No change>
- Bug fix: Some tabs are not created when the layout is restored
- Bug fix: Quick search does not work properly if some other options are active
- Bug fix: Program freezes on startup if the drive last used is no longer connected and plain view mode was used on program close.
- Bug fix: Focus is lost on refresh if option "Switch view mode automatically ..." is active
- Bug fix: Tree maybe not shown if switching from single-panel to dual-panel mode
- Bug fix: Sorting is wrong if auto selectable view is active and all options are set to "No change"

- Implemented: New action - focus newest file/item in the list (by last access timestamp)
- Implemented: New action - focus next/previous item in the list
- Implemented: Attributes/Timestamp dialog - set file timestamp from EXIF
- Implemented: Settings->Tree - new color can be defined "Selection - Inactive"
- Implemented: Settings->Tree - new color can be defined "Background - Inactive"
- Implemented: Viewer form (F3) - set window to foreground if already open and use last saved size/position if multiple window allowed.
- Implemented: Make folder/file list - timestamp format added on Settings tab
- Implemented: Drive panel - width of the volume name button is definable in the setting
- Implemented: Support for 4K monitors
- Implemented: Quick Viewer - Copy selected text to the clipboard with the shortcut Ctrl+C.
- Implemented: SFTP (64 bit only) - public key login is possible now
- Implemented: When started "As Admin": Warning symbol is added to the program icon - new option in Settings->View
- Implemented: New variable added %ActivSelOrDir% - same as %ActivSel% but return current path if nothing is selected in the file list (for example when selecting ".." in file list)
- Implemented: New action added - Close all tabs in both panels; Closes all not locked folder tabs in both panels
- Implemented: New action added - Close all tabs with confirmation; Closes all folder tabs with confirmation dialog
- Implemented: New action added - Select the first file / folder; Select first file (if currently focused item is a folder) or folder (if currently focused item is a file) in the list
- Implemented: When started "As Admin": Warning symbol is added to the program icon and the word "(Admin)" appears in the title bar.
- Implemented: Thumbnails for SVG files
- Implemented: SFTP - Symbolic links are properly handled now
- Implemented: "Attributes/Timestamp..." dialog - new attribute "Recall on data access" added (e.g. for not local OneDrive files)
- Implemented: "Settings->File/folder list - Items color" - definig color for attribute "Recall on data access" is possible now
- Implemented: Search dialog - the quick view pane is restored when the form is opened
- Implemented: "Define action toolbars" dialog - defined custom symbols are now visible in the list
- Implemented: Thumbnail view for .wmf and .emf files
- Implemented: The visibility of the favorite toolbars is now per Layout definable
- Implemented: New item added to the tab context menu: Close all not locked folder tabs; If clicked with CTRL key - close not locked tabs in both panels
- Implemented: "About" dialog resizeable; More paths info added
- Implemented: Overwrite dialog for copy/move FreeCommander operation - rename in place is now possible
- Implemented: Toolbar separator - details definable
- Implemented: "Tools -> Define keyboard shortcuts" - it is possible to define the second shortcut for each action
- Implemented: New column is posible "Relative path"
- Implemented: New columns category for pictures added: EXIF
- Implemented: Option available in the freecommander.ini file: TreeSortNodesType=X (0->like so far; 1->sort by path name; 2->sort by display name)
- Implemented: Quick filter accept '*.' for selecting items without dot
- Implemented: Compare folders - new option added "Ignore extension"
- Implemented: Search files/folders - menu item added "Edit -> Copy name without extension"
- Implemented: "Tools -> Dos box" selecting the item with pressed SHIFT key opens the dos box as admin
- Implemented: Address bar toolbar - big icons allowed
- Implemented: New option for viewer - Use mouse wheel for: zooming/switching files
- Implemented: New option to define in the [Form] section of the freecommander.ini - ThumbOpenAndSelectMode=1 ;
When this line is defined, a click on the symbol opens the file / folder and a click on the label selects the file / folder.
- Implemented: Context menu in viewer (images) - new item added "Save - overwrite without confirmation"
- Implemented: Favorite tool button - new item added for context menu: Run - With "Run as" dialog
- Implemented: Define favorite tool - new placeholder parameter %ActivItemNoExt% added
- Implemented: Attributes/Timestamp dialog - "Save/Load timestamp" function added
- Implemented: Multirename - new EXIF property added: Focal length of lens in mm, Lens model name, Orientation of the camera
- Implemented: Tab context menu - new menu item added "Switch locked path to current"
- Implemented: Thumbnail size 1024 added (for high resolution monitors)
- Implemented: Volume buttons added for VLC player
- Implemented: New action added - Show layouts popup menu
- Implemented: New action added - Change to last active tab (Ctrl+PgUp)
- Implemented: New timestamp formats added for the definition of the screenshot file name
- Implemented: New option for quick filter - Keep filter on tab change
- Implemented: New placeholder for using in the status bar: [fc_columnProfile] - name of the used column profile

- Changed: Viewer settings - "Ignore list" changed to "Ignore files - filter list"
- Changed: Folder->Open focused->In the other pane (new Tab)/In the same pane (new Tab) - these functions are implemented now for several selected elements
- Changed: Long path support improved
- Changed: Address bar editing - spaces at the end of the path are removed now
- Changed: Folder synchronize - comparison with only two options "Name" and "Size" is now possible. Until now comparison with only these two options always provided "?" as a result.
- Changed: The unit "kB" will be no more shown in the column "Size kB"

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FreeCommander XE 2021 release 841 donor

#287 Post by Marek » 19.01.2021, 22:13

Important changes and bug fixes in the release 841
- Bug fix: Verify checksums does not work if source file is on the Desktop
- Bug fix: Search form: "copy" from context menu in the result list and then paste in some folder may not work
- Bug fix: If the Name column is not the first, columns to the left of the Name column are empty (only if "Use Windows colors" is false)
- Bug fix: Occupied space progress bar maybe wrong after some file operations
- Bug fix: Right click on the free area in the file list - submenu "New" has sometimes wrong icons
- Bug fix: Favorite tool - %ActivSelName% is not resolved if "Separate for each selected item" is used
- Bug fix: Exception on switch to FTP if the pane width is small
- Bug fix: QuickStarter - ":" allowed now for quick filter
- Bug fix: Delete from container (FC) - request Admin rights
- Bug fix: Item focus lost after error dialog
- Bug fix: Status bar tooltip for size don't show units "kB" and "MB"
- Bug fix: Set filter (Alt+Y) dialog - "Not older than" and "Older then" options can't be clicked
- Bug fix: Quick starter settings - editing the name of a 'color by' item erroneously creates a new item
- Bug fix: Multi rename - Stay on top issue with Viewer/Search
- Bug fix: Add plugin dialog issue, if using Stay on top option in viewer
- Bug fix: CopyFullPath_AddLastDelimiter=1 ini option issue
- Bug fix: New item in the dark favorite toolbar has unreadable font color
- Bug fix: Compute checksums shows "0 Error(s)" even if error is found
- Bug fix: Search window focus issue, if stay on top option is used
- Bug fix: Delete confirmation dialog from file container - Esc doesn't work
- Bug fix: Rename of the favorite tools category may generate exception
- Bug fix: Viewer settings color/text issue
- Changed: Creating of the default names for the favorite tools categories
- Implemented: Search form - column widths of the result list are saved now
- Implemented: New checksum type added CRC32

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FreeCommander XE 2021 release 842 donor

#288 Post by Marek » 18.02.2021, 21:09

Important changes and bug fixes in the release 842
- Bug fix: Command line -size= parameter does not work if using without -NewIni= parameter
- Bug fix: "Folder->Open focused/selected" does not work if only file is selected
- Bug fix: "Left -> Right" / "Right -> Left" hidden buttons right click issue
- Bug fix: Packing multiple files with "Create one archive per file" wrong path issue
- Bug fix: Invalid character issue when creating new folder
- Bug fix: Selection problem if options for "hot track" and "open with single click" are active
- Bug fix: Activating of the quick filter with Ctrl+Enter may not work
- Bug fix: Thumbs for PSD files broken in the 64 bit version
- Bug fix: Viewer settings opened from Tools-Settings dialog are not saved when quick viewer is open
- Bug fix: Quick search - up arrow does not work with special characters
- Bug fix: Lines overlap when scrolling quickly with the mouse wheel
- Bug fix: Defined color for inactive file container tab is not used
- Implemented: New option "Copy folder structure only" added in the copy dialog; only for "Use FreeCommander method"
- Implemented: Viewer settings - possibility to using of exiftool.exe for showing file metadata
- Implemented: Multirename - metadata from exiftool can be used
- Implemented: New option for quick filter - "Show in the right panel on the left"
- Implemented: For "Queue status bar visible" option "Only if any operation exists" is defined delay time for closing: OperationQueuePanelClosingTimeSec=8

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FreeCommander XE 2021 release 843 donor

#289 Post by Marek » 19.02.2021, 11:04

Important changes and bug fixes in the release 843
- Bug fix: Exception when opening favorites tree if "Use big icons" option is active.

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FreeCommander XE 2021 release 844 donor

#290 Post by Marek » 19.02.2021, 20:47

Important changes and bug fixes in the release 844
- Bug fix: Possible exception on program start if favorites tree is active

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FreeCommander XE 2021 release 845 donor

#291 Post by Marek » 20.03.2021, 16:13

Important changes and bug fixes in the release 845
- Bug fix: Thumbnails for pdf files (if Adobe Reader as default pdf program is installed) maybe not showed in the 64 bit version
- Bug fix: Some thumbnails have wrong background color ... =7&t=11609 ... =7&t=11608
- Bug fix: Customize favorite toolbars > New item > File > Seek icon file: the file select dialog is hidden behind other windows
- Bug fix: Selection of the last item with Shift+Right in thumbnail view maybe wrong ... =7&t=11433
- Bug fix: Option "Keep filter on tab changed" is not saved in the freecommander.ini (you can change the option manually QuickFilterKeepOnTabChange)
- Bug fix: Draw caption without clipping wrong after refresh ... 691#p35691
- Bug fix: Total progress bar in copy dialog broken
- Changed: Overlay icons in the tree are loaded now in background
- Changed: Default value for the option "Keep filter on tab changed" changed to TRUE
- Changed: Quick filter option "Deactivate filter on folder change" changed to "Keep filter on folder change"; default value FALSE

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FreeCommander XE 2021 release 846 donor

#292 Post by Marek » 24.04.2021, 22:41

Important changes and bug fixes in the release 846
- Bug fix: Multi rename dialog - multiple fields are highlighted on start ... 984#p35984
- Bug fix: Start folder from command line is not set for folders defined as e.g. -L=::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}
- Bug fix: File container - selection is lost on tab change
- Bug fix: Progress bar for SFTP download and upload is broken
- Implemented: Multi rename dialog - Ctrl+P hotkey for opening of the profiles selection list
- Implemented: Multi rename dialog - the auto preview timer slows down when the progress dialog box appears
- Changed: File and folder timestamp: daylight saving time is taken into account (as in Windows Explorer)
- Changed: New icons in dialogs

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FreeCommander XE 2021 release 847 donor

#293 Post by Marek » 24.05.2021, 21:23

Important changes and bug fixes in the release 847
- Bug fix: Multi rename dialog - focus problem with the profile droplist ... 19&t=11858
- Bug fix: Viewer (ExifTool) - Metadata Tag title seems utf-8 but shows as locale ... 281#p36281
- Bug fix: Option "Tab Sequence: Reverse" is broken
- Changed: The old, not flat icons are no more available
- Implemented: New icons set is available "Flat Pro"
- Implemented: Tools->Settings->View - new tab "Icons sets" is available. Here can be selected the used icon set.

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FreeCommander XE 2021 release 848 donor

#294 Post by Marek » 26.05.2021, 21:13

Important changes and bug fixes in the release 848
- Bug fix: The option "Show confirmation dialog on exit" is ignored if the program is closed via the context menu from the symbol in system tray
- Bug fix: Exception on reading file tags via exiftool
- Bug fix: The size of the the custom icons in address bar is wrong

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Re: New beta version

#295 Post by Marek » 12.06.2021, 13:16

Important changes and bug fixes in the release 849
- Bug fix: Icons in favorite tools menu shown incorrectly ... =9&t=11956
- Bug fix: Wrong numbering of the favorite tools ... =7&t=11955
- Bug fix: Tree visibility is broken if first tab is created ... =7&t=11959
- Bug fix: Wrong icons in the favorites subfolders ... 19&t=11984
- Implemented: Using of the old icons is possible after adding in the [Icons] section of the freecommander.ini: UseOutdatedBmps=1
- Implemented: Renaming file in viewer is possible now
- Implemented: Layouts dialog - quick filter field added

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FreeCommander XE 2021 release 850 donor

#296 Post by Marek » 11.07.2021, 17:51

Important changes and bug fixes in the release 850

- Bug fix: "Linked browsing" does not work in detail view mode if extension is not showed
- Bug fix: Exception in internal viewer if quickly F3 and ESC pressed
- Changed: Viewer - quality for JPEG file is now preserved when saving a file
- Changed: Viewer - when saving image as JPEG the extension jpg is now used
- Implemented: Internal viewer for PDF files (64 bit only). No more extra software needed for showing pdf files.
- Implemented: Searching for content in PDF files is now without converter possible (64 bit only)


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