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Group By Option

#1 Post by Odylg » 07.12.2015, 17:28

Something like this:

I know I could use the "only view such and such file types" option, or assign specific colors to specific file types, or make a separator file, but those options don't allow the user to collapse/expand nor do they have the same aesthetic value.

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Re: Group By Option

#2 Post by Carbine121 » 09.08.2020, 01:55

Is there any chance this is being looked at? Its a great way to separate file types and to organise them and alphabetical order.

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Re: Group By Option

#3 Post by jackeroofan » 14.12.2020, 18:15

I would find this very helpful, too.
I have used Windows explorer for several years and liked the headlines between the files when grouping by file type. For me, it makes it much easier to distinguish between the files and find what I am looking for.


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Re: Group By Option

#4 Post by mmahmoodh » 14.06.2021, 23:02

Can we have an update on this feature request. This is a very useful feature.
Please implement in the upcoming versions.

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Re: Group By Option

#5 Post by Forez » 19.08.2021, 15:19

The link to example is dead

So I do not know what is the proposition

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