Feature request: right-click menu on Address Bar offers "new folder tab"

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Re: Feature request: right-click menu on Address Bar offers "new folder tab"

#16 Post by ralfso » 09.11.2020, 21:00

Dreamer wrote: 09.11.2020, 18:46 This is a known bug,…
Thanks, now I remember this topic some time ago.

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Re: Feature request: right-click menu on Address Bar offers "new folder tab"

#17 Post by dsperber » 10.11.2020, 00:31

Dreamer wrote: 09.11.2020, 18:46
ralfso wrote: 09.11.2020, 16:19You're right, the command "new folder tab" with the icon doesn't show the icon when it is added to the toolbar.
This is a known bug, icon is not shown in that dialog (it's for any option), but it should appear on toolbar, as I said, try this:
Dreamer wrote: 09.11.2020, 00:00just double click "New folder tab" and then OK
When you re-open the dialog, icon should be shown also in that dialog. Re-tested again in 830 public beta and 832 donor.
You're right. The icon for the command does get added to the Address Bar. And closing/re-opening the action bars dialog does in fact now show the icon in the command details area.

Nevertheless, the button gets added in the cluster of buttons on the far right end of the Address Bar, which is a mile away from where I need it to be. Huge mouse sweep motion is required to get there and precisely on that teeny tiny button before clicking, and then swinging back left to work in the newly created tab.

No, this whole button-on-the-address-bar method is undesirable. I believe that in the absence of my requested simple addition of a "new folder tab" item at the top of the drop-down context menu from a right-click on the Address Bar itself, the next best and really really useful approach is what you suggested earlier and that I agree seems to be the "winner".

And that winner method is the Shell extension, to add "open in Free Commander" to the top of the right-click context menu on a folder. This is really just about perfect. If you're in File Explorer and right-click a folder and select this new item, it will launch FCXE already opened to that folder in a tab. If you're within FCXE and right-clcik a folder and select this item, it will create a new folder tab already opened to this folder. Couldn't possibly be fewer clicks and keystrokes than 2 (right-click to get the menu, left-click on "open in Free Commander"), to instantly be presented with exactly what I truly wanted to see. Ideally there's just a tiny mouse movement over to the "open in free Commander" menu item before clicking, but regardless... this is genuinely an ALL-IN-ONE-CLICK solution.

Thanks very much for this tip. My new go-to.

Still doesn't mean I still don't request a "new folder tab" item at the very top of the right-click context menu anywhere on the Address Bar (or maybe even after right-click on an empty area of the Address Bar to the right of existing tabs and/or folder name?). I still think this has great utility for the user, much more than those general purpose small icon buttons far away on the right side of the Address Bar.

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Re: Feature request: right-click menu on Address Bar offers "new folder tab"

#18 Post by dsperber » 10.11.2020, 14:34

The other plus about this shell extension solution is that I can stay with my setting which does NOT produce a tab if there's only one folder open in a panel. In other words the default state is to NOT have the tab bar present and visible and taking up an additional row on the screen, but only to have the Address Bar present as long as I'm only looking at one folder in that panel.

It's only if I use this wonderful right-click -> open in Free command method, which not only (1) creates a new second tab automatically looking at the folder in question, but (2) also automatically creates a new first tab looking at the original folder that had populated the Address Bar. And of course this is when the tab bar is added to the screen above the Address Bar.

So, the tab bar is never present if only one folder is open in a panel. But when two or more folders are open in a panel, now the tab bar exists and with the two folder paths automatically inserted into each of the two tabs.


(still would like "new folder tab" at the top of right-click on Address Bar context menu, for general usability improvement when an arbitrary additional tab is desired with navigation and selection of the folder to populate that tab still to come)

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