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Navigation through "aliases"

#1 Post by FCMCA » 09.01.2008, 12:00

Hi, Marek:

Again, thanks for your dev efforts and the resulting nice work. Could you please consider implementing the following feature in freeCommander future versions?

- Aliases" for reaching folders, files, programs etc. For example, with this feature, the user would just have to type - into the program path bar or even anywhere on the PC screen, with freeCommander main window within focus, of course, or maybe into a small, special popup command line box, which could be invoked through a predefined hotkey combo -, a short abbreviation like "prof" for being taken into its local main "Program files" folder, or, say, "freec" for accessing freeCommander root folder. Can you imagine, for example, the possibilities regarding freeCommander Favorite Folders feature once this is implemented?! See Directory Opus shareware file manager, at, for more info about this feature.

Please, do give some thought to implementing this feature. It would add greatly to your already fine file manager.

Thanks for your attention.

My best regards.


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