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Internal Zip viewer accentuated characters

Posted: 09.04.2021, 10:28
by vasco99
Hello, when using the internal zip I get strange characters when it is used accentuation in the file name
This happens when viewing the archived or when unzipping.
I'm using FreeCommander XE 2020 Build 840 64-bit donor.
Attached an example, using Freecommander and using file explorer for the same file

Re: Internal Zip viewer accentuated characters

Posted: 13.05.2021, 15:45
by Odamn-Ete
hey vasco99,

did you create the archives yourself or are they from a third party?

I sometimes get similar results as you do, when unpacking third party archives.
It is a matter of the character encoding being used, for example sometimes there are differences between Apple and Microsoft. It could also be a symptom of the third party using a very old version of an archiver program.

Best regards,