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shortcuts to programs do not work in DOS box

Posted: 22.09.2020, 19:38
by LuisM
I have created shortcuts for several executable files. I have put those shortcuts in my computer PATH. And I have added the extension for shortcuts (.LNK) to my computer PATHEXT system environmental variable. So, I can call those programs from command lines or from scripts, without adding their directories to my computer PATH.

The shortcuts work with the default Windows 10 x64 shell, CMD.exe. They do not work with the "DOS box" of "FreeCommander XE 2020 Build 810a 32-bit public". The error message says:
The specified path does not exist.

Both the "DOS box" and CMD.exe have the same PATH and PATHEXT system environmental variables. I tried changing the "DOS box command specification" to "cmd.exe", but it did not help.

Thanks for a great program and best regards.

Re: shortcuts to programs do not work in DOS box

Posted: 27.04.2021, 18:13
by LuisM
I just revisited this issue. Some shortcuts work and others don't. The shortcuts that don't work are pointing to console programs that are in "C:\Program Files". The space in the path is not the problem, because a shortcut pointing to a console program in a different path including spaces worked.

I installed the free App "Windows Terminal" for "Windows 10". Then, I set "Windows Terminal" default profile as "Command Prompt". Finally, I set FreeCommander's "DOS box command specification" as wt.exe . Now all the shortcuts to programs work.