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Menu Windows Un-readable?

Posted: 04.05.2021, 17:46
by 10engines
Hey All - I love Free Commander with one exception. Whenever I go into a sub menu (a menu that pops up in it's own window) all the text is too small, and the words in boxes that you can populate is cut off and unreadable.
I've tried all kinds of compatibility settings and High DPI settings but haven't been able to fix it. Anyone have a solution for this?
I'm on Win 10 Pro - with a 1920x1080 Display with everything set to 100% mag. Any help would be appreciated!


Re: Menu Windows Un-readable?

Posted: 16.05.2021, 11:31
by Alex9
Go to your Intel Graphics Card Properties/Control Panel.

Re: Menu Windows Un-readable?

Posted: 16.05.2021, 18:58
by Odamn-Ete
Hey 10engines,

does it make a difference, if you grab the lower right corner of that window and enlarge it?

best regards,