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Rename Error Recovery: can you retain the proposed changes?

Posted: 18.02.2009, 20:04
by Bearded Kirklander
Sometimes, when I am working in Free Commander 396 and have pressed the F2 key to rename either a file or a folder, and then type in the proposed changes to the information that I would like to put in place, I will get an error message indicating that the rename operation cannot be done at that specific moment because there is a file lock / open file active.

I can usually shut down my File Viewer or Bonk Encoder app after completing a rip, so I can correct the condition and then do the rename, no problem.

However, some of the Folder and File names that I use are rather long and detailed, like when I find that an audiobook I just purchased and ripped to MP3 so I can put it on my player is part of an ongoing series.

I may decide that I will need to expand the folder or file name to reflect this, so hop into FC 396 and press F2 on the entry and type in that long name - like these below:

Terry Brooks - Shannara Book 07 - The First King Of Shannara - From CD
Terry Brooks - Shannara Book 08 - The Sword Of Shannara - From Tape
Terry Brooks - Shannara Book 09 - The Elfstones Of Shannara - From Audible.Completed
Terry Brooks - Shannara Book 10 - The Wishsong Of Shannara - From CD.Completed

I can tell at a glance which books I have already read, which I have not, which books I have recorded from Tape and may try to end up replacing with a version from CD, stuff like that.

So, I select the entry, press F2, go to all that work and meticulously enter those changes in and BAM - Error message appears, and even though I can close Bonk Encoder to address this, the text that I entered as the proposed change is no longer in memory. The entry has reverted back to the original file or folder name.

PowerDesk Pro 5 retains that proposed change, even after the error message and losing focus, so that when I do go shut down Bonk, I can then simply press the ENTER key once I have given the program the Focus, and the proposed change is THEN made, and there is no need to retype that information.

I would like to ask that you please consider providing that same functionality in Free Commander 396 (or whichever verison number would be applicable) so that I can work more efficiently and effectively and still transition to using Free Commander for all of my file management needs.

I really hope you will be able to work on that and that it doesn't take much doing. It would be incredibly useful to me, and perhaps many other users as well.

Thank you much.

Posted: 28.02.2009, 22:45
by Bearded Kirklander
Since you are still actually putting out beta updates for 2009.02, (402 & 403 betas just came out) do you think that this feature could slip in under the wire for the original FC codebase?

I'm not sure how easy it would be to hold onto that variable, but if it's not too difficult code wise, I think it would be a nice addition to the original.

Thanks for the work. :)