907 Loading tab group problem

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907 Loading tab group problem

#1 Post by etc. » 11.05.2024, 16:37

1. Activate left panel.
2. When saving a tab group, choose "Active and inactive panel".
3. Activate left panel.
4. When loading this saved tab group, choose "Keep all tabs".

- Active panel changed to right panel.
- Left panel loads saved active panel tabs.
- Right panel loads both saved active panel tabs and saved inactive panel tabs.

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Re: 907 Loading tab group problem

#2 Post by Forez » 12.05.2024, 10:29

I think the bug is more chaotic / broader

When I was checking this new feature the Tabs were somehow loaded correctly - but now those from Right Panel get loaded to Left and those from Left to the Right one. I can only assume that the difference in behavior is coming from some sort of "equation" that different set of Tabs produce [because back then they were different than my current ones]

And I do get now a switch of focus from Left to Right - but do not remember if I was experiencing it back then

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Re: 907 Loading tab group problem

#3 Post by Marek » 14.05.2024, 20:22

Fixed in 908.

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