Feature request — Select dead items in Favorite Tree

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Feature request — Select dead items in Favorite Tree

#1 Post by CabbageTree » 23.11.2022, 15:47

Hi there,

The Favorite Tree is a gemstone in the FC. But while the three grows bigger and bigger (at least in my case) the scrolling through it becomes inconvenient one day. So I manually check all the items and I usualy find a good deal of items outdated and dead.

If just there would be some function, which would check health of each item instead of me. One click solution.

But… While something like "Delete non-existing items" would be great already, it would be nice be notified which items are ready to be discarded prior to deleting. Like some pop-up dialog with list of invalid items. Select some of them, or all, and hit delete. And voila — the Favorite Tree is pruned and short again.

Thank you!

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