OneDrive sync icons in FCXE 865

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OneDrive sync icons in FCXE 865

#1 Post by cliverlong » 15.09.2022, 15:42

Freecommander XE 865 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit

I have noticed this problem before, but it doesn't mean it wasn't there. Maybe this is just a setting issue.

When I display Google drive folders and files, the icons next to the file name are modified to show sync status e.g.

However, a OneDrive folder on the same machine where the files and folders are synchronised does not show this status of the files/folders.

If I view the OneDrive folder in Windows Explorer and make the “status“ column visible, I can see the sync status of the files and folders.


How do I make the sync status of OneDrive files and folders visible in FreeCommander XE?


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