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Columns change on porgram start

Posted: 24.08.2022, 10:31
by TheArkive
Here are the column settings as I set them for "Details View". This is worked normally for a long time.


Now that I've upgraded to donor Build 873, it seems a default column setting is loading.


Here are my settings (pardon the wacky theme). I'm wondering if I'm improperly using something in the settings of the new version, or is this a bug? I'm not sure. In any case, I can switch column view to List, and back to Details, and it is "fixed". Also when i close out of these dialogs it is "fixed" (if I didn't switch from/to "Details" before).

After I "fix" it, everything (new browsing tabs, and subfolders included) operate as expected.

EDIT: I happen to be using a single pane instead of dual pane setup.


Love this program by the way. I use it all the time.

Re: Columns change on porgram start

Posted: 25.08.2022, 08:53
by TheArkive
I don't ever recall setting a condition on "AllFolders" column profile, but apparently one was set.

I always copy over my previous settings when I upgrade, so I'm fairly certain the new version had nothing to do with it.

It's fixed now.