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Some Sort of AutoUpdater

#1 Post by MindofThree » 08.04.2022, 16:11

I'm a Donor for at least 10 years now, but I noted "recently" (..joke), I do skip sometimes a update.
Simply as I'm lazy. Too lazy to download and install.

I read that there will be no such feature like a AUTOUPDATER, as different subscriptions exist, understandable no offens.
At least for myself I came up with this solution.

What it does?
Not much. It is a Chromedriver based selenium automation script.
And before you ask. Yes, you need still to get a valid login (go and donate some money :-) ) and no I'm not interested in your login (I got one), so no credentials will be magically transferred.
(Code is on github)

Check out the Readme on the github page.
You like the idea? But you think I'm missing a certain feature or something is broken?
Fork it, enhance it and sent me the PR. Or open a ticket and I will have a look (simply as I use it myself)

I tested it on two systems and it worked (at least updating 868 was easy ....)

Btw: If you think this is something you do not need, do not use it :lol:
If you think this helps you, drop a feedback here. :idea:


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