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Auto sync

#1 Post by jjstephens75 » 01.07.2021, 15:37

Is there a way to set up an auto sync between two folders? What I need is something that will auto sync every night with an external drive connected to my computer. I know there are other software solutions for this but since I already have FC, I'm hoping I can do it here.

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Re: Auto sync

#2 Post by haukebasse » 28.08.2022, 19:14

I had the same question and found this forum post.

Marek - you do not happen to have some kind of auto synch on the roadmap, do you?

Something like ...
- Synch on freecommander launch
- Schedules synch
- Synch on drive connect

Or maybe a command line parameter which starts FC directly in synch mode, with a profile that is given as a parameter.

Kind regards, Hauke

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