Preserve folder timestamps

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Preserve folder timestamps

#1 Post by TT » 23.05.2008, 20:57

When I copy or move a folder to another folder or drive (either NTFS or FAT) the timestamp is not preserved. Instead, the current date/time is used. Is there a way to copy folders and keep the time and date info of the original folder? This is useful when directories are sorted on the last-modified field and also when it comes to backups and synching.

Could this feature be added?


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#2 Post by Mago » 29.05.2008, 21:54

+1 for me
Would be very handy

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#3 Post by jclu52 » 20.06.2008, 22:42

bump :D :idea:

Bearded Kirklander
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#4 Post by Bearded Kirklander » 02.10.2008, 08:12

I would REALLY, REALLY like to see this one added as well. It is a HUGE thing.

Please, consider adding a "Preserve Folder Date & Time" for any copy / move / etc type of operation.

This is one of the more important features I can think of when trying to maintain a backup set on an external drive.

If the date and time on folders on the External drive are newer than the originals, you could probably see what an issue it would be when you tried to compare by date to identify "Newer" updates on your original drive so that you can copy them over to the backup media.

If the folders on the backup media are actually "Newer" than the main disk, how's that gonna work out?

Pretty confusing, to be sure.

So again, please. This one is a biggie.


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Re: Preserve folder timestamps

#5 Post by mauito » 06.03.2011, 02:20

I'm a big fan of FreeCommander. Adding the ability to preserve folder timstamps would make me very happy! FreeCommander is better than Total Commander in every way except this one because TC has this feature already. Please add this when you can.

Thanks for considering.

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Re: Preserve folder timestamps

#6 Post by cecr » 11.05.2012, 11:49

This feature is still badly needed. I have to use Robocopy to preserve the timestamp. Although it works, its nowhere near as fast or easy to use as FC.

I wouldn't have thought this was a big thing to add.

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Re: Preserve folder timestamps

#7 Post by Karol » 11.05.2012, 13:52

It is implemented in FreeCommander XE (File/folder operation option for copy/move must be set to "Use FreeCommander").


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