File in use issue

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File in use issue

#1 Post by Dreamer » 02.08.2022, 21:10

I'm using the options to auto minimize dialog for copy/move operation and the queue, it works good, fast, but...

If the file is in use, there is no error dialog, the queue text is like this:

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"1 Move: Filename12345... 0%"
For large files it can be normal, so I just process the other files and later I find, that file is in used and the operation is cancelled.

Even if the file is closed in other program, the operation is cancelled.

Possible solutions:
- restore the move operation window, even if using the option "auto minimize", if the file is in use
- show the error message in the queue bar, or the exclamation mark icon, the same as in the move dialog

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