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Quickfilter problems

#1 Post by peterfc » 12.05.2014, 01:59

First, both in the old version and in XE, the option "Quick search/filter" - "Auto-add wildcards" do NOT work as expected, i.e. if I want to filter entries by "starting with e", it's not sufficient to enter the e, but I need to enter e*. I suppose it's not a bug, but a "feature", since without the *, the result is like *e*, so I why it's done this way, but of course, differenciating this would have been better since this option is worthless, in its current state, for people not doing tag-coding later on in their entries, by $e and such, but who do their coding right at the beginning, by putting code characters BEFORE the regular names.

Second, and that is a real bug, both versions have an option there which reads "Action "Filter off" deactivates quick filter too", and that's a very good thing indeed, in order to UN-check this option, since some people do not want to switch forth and back between full list and filtered list, but in one of their panes, just want to switch from one filter to another filter, for the same standard folder in which they have got "all" their stuff, and so, by control-y, they do not want to switch to full-list view, but just want to access the filter bar/field, in order to replace one filter with another one there.

In the old version, this toggle works fine, in XE it does not work at all, i.e. the default setting prevails all the time, independently of the unchecking of this (in my case unwanted) default setting.

Third, there are bug reports left uncommented even after months; of course, I would have preferred my first two postings being met with an answer by the developer, after him looking into those issues. ;-)

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Re: Quickfilter problems

#2 Post by darkstar » 19.08.2014, 19:14

yeah, I dunno about your settings this are mine where quick filter seems to work as I expect it.

indeed, bug reports are often ignored a bug tracking app and a change in state of mind might help...

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Re: Quickfilter problems

#3 Post by Jerry » 15.09.2016, 20:33

Yes -- the action of the use of wildcards in QuickFilter definitely changed somewhere between v2007.5 and v2009.02, with the need now to use that trailing "*". I suspect the filtering engine got completely rebuilt. In v2007.5 the filter worked incredibly slowly on folders with large numbers of files. It was painful waiting for it to work.

Also, the square brackets ("[" and "]") are no longer treated as normal characters. This used to work: "[*]" or "[*]*" but no longer works. You can use a single "[" or "]" to filter filenames containing those characters, but adding a "*" anywhere returns no matches. The same holds true for parentheses and curly braces.

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