Tree Update fails after folder operations - 652 and 652x64

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Tree Update fails after folder operations - 652 and 652x64

#1 Post by Zorkoff » 22.01.2014, 21:39

When using the tree panel to move or delete a folder, I have to manually do a "Refresh" to get the tree to display correctly.

When a folder is deleted, it is sorted to the bottom of the tree branch; when a folder is dragged to another folder, the old folder either remains in place or is sorted to the end of the branch (I have seen both actions).

In all cases when the orphan folder entry is selected an error window is generated.

Refresh seems to fix the tree display.

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Re: Tree Update fails after folder operations - 652 and 652x

#2 Post by AimHere » 09.02.2014, 21:08

I can confirm this. FC XE build 652, 32- and 64-bit both.

The actual behavior depends on whether the folder is selected and deleted from the tree panel or the file/folder list panel. If I select and delete a folder from the FILE/FOLDER LIST panel, it disappears from the tree panel as well. However, if I select the folder in the TREE panel and delete it, it just moves to the bottom of the branch it was located in. FC then displays the contents of the folder's parent in the file/folder list panel. I have to refresh to make the folder's entry in the tree go away.

I haven't been able to duplicate the issue when dragging folders.


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