Auto-change view feature

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Auto-change view feature

#1 Post by Dreamer » 24.03.2012, 22:32

What about this. Option to automatically change view based on actual path, e.g.:

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Always use thumbnail view for:
[D:\Pictures          ] [x] Incl. subfolders

Always use details view for:
[D:\Documents;C:;D:;E ] [x] Incl. subfolders

Always use list view for:
[D:\Music             ] [x] Incl. subfolders
If the path is not listed above, use previous view setting, so for example:

- path is D: view is list
- go to D:\Pictures
- view will be changed to thumbnails
- go back to D:
- view will be changed back to list

This would also help, when thumbnails view is used and the path is changed to D: .

Perhaps even intelligent options:

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[ ] If all files in folder are image files, auto-use thumbnails view
And more...

Code: Select all

Automatically activate quick view if:

[x] The path is [D:\Pictures   ] [x] Incl. subfolders
[ ] These file types are activated [jpg;png;bmp]
[x] Thumbnails view is active
I don't know if this would be possible, it's just an idea...

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Re: Auto-change view feature

#2 Post by JohnFredC » 02.04.2012, 21:30

This is possible. I believe Dopus has this capability and there are scripts that will accomplish the same thing for TC. It would be nice if the feature was native to XE.


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