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747 - Duplicate keyboard shortcuts

Posted: 03.06.2017, 10:02
by Dreamer
- in menu open Tools > Define keyboard shortcuts
- "edit" shortcut must be F4
- change the shortcut for "edit new" from "shift+F4" to F4, "assign" > "yes"
- shortcut for "edit" is removed
- now assign a shortcut for "edit" to F4, "assign" > "yes"
= shortcut for "edit new" is not removed, it's F4 as a "new shortcut"
- now click OK and re-open "Define keyboard shortcuts" dialog
= both, "edit" and "edit new" have the same shortcut "F4"

- if you assign another F4 shortcut for other action, existing F4 shortcut is removed only for one command

You can use any shortcuts this way and assign any number of duplicate shortcuts. Only one shortcut is working at time, so it's not too danger bug, unless the "delete" commands are used ("delete to recycle bin" vs "delete permanently").

I had one set of duplicated shortcuts, it's possible that you have some too, so you can check it. It would be easier if clicking the "Current shortcut" would sort by shortcut, perhaps a tip for the new feature?

FC 747 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit.

Re: 747 - Duplicate keyboard shortcuts

Posted: 23.06.2017, 16:50
by Dreamer
Fixed in 748, thanks, Marek.