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"Only border" NC-mode Focused item

Posted: 02.04.2017, 18:35
by Dreamer
When using the option "Only border" in NC-mode for "Focused item active list", the color of border is used also for the text color, the problem is, that custom text colors (read only, hidden...) are ignored for focused item.

I suggest to use the actual item text color as a Border color, so it will be clear, if the focused item is hidden, read-only, or selected.

Re: "Only border" NC-mode Focused item

Posted: 19.04.2017, 23:18
by Dreamer
Another issue when using "Only border" option. If the main FC window is inactive, focused item border (for active panel) is not visible at all.

Re: "Only border" NC-mode Focused item

Posted: 20.04.2017, 19:35
by Dreamer
The same issue when opening the Viewer (F3).

New issue/bug:

- select the image file
- press ctrl+q to open quick viewer
- zoom in, using the [+] toolbar button
- click with the left mouse button within the image area (to move the image)
= border of the focused file is gone

There are several situations when "Border only" option doesn't work good, moving this topic to "Bug Reports".

Re: "Only border" NC-mode Focused item

Posted: 27.04.2017, 20:04
by Dreamer
Fixed in 745, thanks, Marek.