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Posted: 15.08.2008, 22:55
by wernst
It seems that the free TeraCopy utility, which works great with FC, can do what you want.

Since I'm not allowed to post URLs yet, just google "teracopy" and download it from codesector dot com.



Posted: 16.08.2008, 00:54
by omerfree
the problem is that Teracopy is free for home use were FreeCommander is a freeware, to use at home as well as commercial use so it won't be possible to add it to the software.

I believe most of use would like FC to stay freeware :)

Posted: 17.08.2008, 09:46
by wernst
I'm not suggesting embedding teracopy into FC. I'm suggesting that FC users who want "multitasking file copying" download and install TeraCopy themselves. It works fine with FC without doing anything special...


Posted: 17.08.2008, 17:08
by wkrekik
Being an open source freeware, Supercopier2 is perhaps a better alternative than teracopy for embedding inside FreeCommander. It would have been an ideal candidate for that if it was working fine under Vista. Sadly, its development is stopped since 2006 (when its authors gave up and liberated the source code). But a multiplatform clone of Supercopier, Ultracopier, is now beeing actively developed. Still an unfinished beta project, but an interesting candidate for the future.

Under XP, I still prefer Supercopier to Teracopy, even if you have to do some steps for FreeCommander integration :
  1. 1 configuration/Handled processes/add -> browse to freecommander.exe
    2 rename FreeCommander.exe to freecommander.exe (lower case)
    3 don't forget to disable it when using synchronisation

Posted: 18.08.2008, 23:39
by FLiER
I've tried all the programs of these kind. Here are my opinions.
  • If you need portable version (no shell replacements), then TeraCopy is your choice, but it's legal only for home use.

    But if the portability doesn't matter for you and you use Windows Explorer - then the best are KillCopy and SuperCopier2
So, in the meanwhile these programs are the solution of this problem (hope until next version)

Posted: 21.08.2008, 19:36
by Goose
Multitasking while file actions would be awesome. +1

Queued Copy/Move

Posted: 30.09.2008, 10:59
by sohailb
It is a great feature to be able to queue different actions and continue the work.


Posted: 04.11.2008, 07:42
by alpha_one_x86
Note: ultracopier can now be work with free commander I think, the CLI is done.

Posted: 04.11.2008, 11:13
by wkrekik
Note: ultracopier can now be work with free commander I think, the CLI is done.
How do you integrate it in FreeCommander copy process ???

Posted: 04.11.2008, 11:29
by alpha_one_x86
Like other copier, I don't remembrer how, now I use KDE4 under windows and linux.

catch copy projet

Posted: 30.07.2009, 09:53
by alpha_one_x86
Now all the copier (supercopier, ultracopier, ...) have unique way to send copy or moving list. You can easy create plugin for freecommander send this list to all copier that's you want.
See the catchcopy projet at for more infomations.

Posted: 20.08.2009, 13:10
by Laskaris
wkrekik wrote:
Note: ultracopier can now be work with free commander I think, the CLI is done.
How do you integrate it in FreeCommander copy process ???
In Freecommander.ini add following lines at the end of "form" section:

FileMovePrg=c:\Program Files\Ultracopier\add.exe Move %ActivSelAsFile% %InactivDir%
FileCopyPrg=c:\Program Files\Ultracopier\add.exe Copy %ActivSelAsFile% %InactivDir%
path can be different on your PC.
ultracopier has to be installed and turned ON of course.


Posted: 20.08.2009, 14:09
by Laskaris
mmmmm...sorry my mistake. You don't have to do ANYTHING at all. Just download ultracopier and install it. It has to be turned on and resident in systemtray (enabled). Just tried, works in windows explorer in freecommander with drag and drop copy/cut and with right mouse button copy/cut/paste and with keyboard ctrl c,x and crtl v. Like a charm. Free commander is with ultracopier 20 so much better!
thx to aothors of both apps.

Posted: 20.08.2009, 15:32
by ralfso
Good news from SUPERCOPIER.

A new beta with Vista-support is available at:

Posted: 25.08.2009, 02:22
by Bearded Kirklander
Sad to see Win 98 SE supporting going away - at least from a nostalgia point of view.

Do these really work as well as they claim? Will they be reliable and more efficient than anything Windows does naively? Even on NTFS?