Cannot rename folders anymore

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Re: Cannot rename folders anymore

#16 Post by MdJ » 05.06.2018, 15:38

For the time being I will still use FreeCommander. I found out a workaround so that I still can view files in a folder as thumbnails and rename it without compromising my workflow too much.
I noticed that my topic received some attention. For those who still want to use FreeCommander on a little not the fastest computer: combine Freecommander with the Irfanview thumbs browser.
So I don't use the thumbnails view in Freecommander anymore.
  • In Freecommander Click on a folder you want to explore
  • Open with the right mouse button the contextmenu
  • Select Browse With Irfanview.
The folder opens in Irfanview that will be creating hundreds of thumbnails with blazing speed.
Now you can watch the content of the folder, open the images in Irfanview, and change the folder name in Irfanview filebrowser.

Back in FreeCommander Push on the refresh button for updating the foldertree.


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Re: Cannot rename folders anymore

#17 Post by MdJ » 12.07.2018, 22:14

Today I have good News about the renaming folders with thumbnails problem. FreeCommander shines again and can rename folders with thumbnails and functions in a normal way as it did before the problem arises.

It appears that it had to do with Windows update as I assumed in former posts.

Friday 6 july appeared a message on my screen of my laptop that Microsoft was updating and needed to be restarted.

After the update FreeCommander seemed to function normally again.

The message "The action can’t be completed because the file is open in another program" appears when a file is opened in Irfanview or other editor - which is normal. Now I can rename that folder without a problem after having closed Irfanview.

I also succeeded renaming a folder when an image from that folder was opened in FreeCommanders QuickView. What happens only is that the image disappears from QuickView. So no message "The action can't be completed...."

Now some details about Windows Update:
Windows 10 Home
Version 1803
Installed on 6-6-2018
Build: 17134.165

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