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729 - deleting current working folder

Posted: 10.12.2016, 20:01
by Morg

I'm using 729 x64-bit donor FCXE, and I found irritating behaviour which I'd like to file as a bug. Maybe this exists in earlier versions, I didn't check.

Using dual-panel view with separate tree lists, the left pane is showing e.g. e:\download.

When I delete the (currently opened / displayed) folder e:\download in the tree view, FCXE hiccups and gives 5-8 error messages "system can't find the folder: e:\download", one popping up after the other is acknowledged.

I think FCXE should be smart enough to realize it deleted its own working folder and a) change to one level up (one level above highest deleted folder?), b) change to root dir, c) change to wherever (default dir? last dir?).

Maybe some thought should be put into determining which folder to go to - but in any case there should not be more than one error message, ideally none.


also in 733...

Re: 729 - deleting current working folder

Posted: 23.12.2016, 03:18
by TranceVibes
Apparently Marek fixed it for you in v734... :) ... 180#p24764