Linked browsing broken on the way "up" [FIXED IN 727]

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Linked browsing broken on the way "up" [FIXED IN 727]

#1 Post by Underdog » 24.07.2016, 16:37

When Same Folder is active, the same folder is not shown in both panels when navigating "upwards" - i.e., to the parent directory.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Set both panels to same directory
  2. Activate Same folder
  3. Open a subfolder > both panels switch to the same subfolder OK!
  4. Switch back to parent folder either by
    1. keyboard [BACKSPACE]
    2. clicking on [..]
    3. going back in history
    > only the active panel changes BUG!
Workaround: Click on parent directory in the address bar

(Regression build: 720)
FreeCommander XE 2017 Build 755 64-bit donor

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