665 - error on renaming of folders

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665 - error on renaming of folders

#1 Post by Morg » 25.07.2014, 12:19

The following has been tested on FreeCommander XE 2014 build 665 public beta, Win 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 (both also on earlier FC XE and Win 7) and appears with my custom configuration as well as the recommended defaults without plugins.

A similiar problem was already discussed at [661] Issue: The file/folder name is not valid, which is marked as resolved as of 665. However, it seems to be existing still.
  • When trying to rename any folder (folder name not relevant, both in file and tree pane, also with F2 rename dialog), FC gives an error message: "element not found. retry/abort?". Nothing has happend up to this moment. Hitting "abort" aborts.
    Screenshot: Error - Not Found
    English text of German error message:
    Element was not found.

    The element is no longer at C:\download\test-fc. Check the location of the element and try again.
    Funnily, this error message is in German (my Windows language, as opposed to using FCXE in English). So this seems to be originating from the underlying OS, not from FCXE itself, maybe?
  • Hitting "retry" yields yet another error message: "Operation failed." At this time, the folder has been renamed, yet FreeCommander has not registered it (also not updated file view).
    Screenshot: Error - Failed
  • Acknowledging this error returns to the previous error message "element not found". From now on, the error dialogs keep returning. Canceling returns to FreeCommander with the not-updated file view. Refreshing the view shows that the folder has been renamed.
    Screenshot: Renamed folder
So there seem to be two problems:

- FC not finding (?) the file before the rename action
- FC not recognizing the rename having been performed (possibly resulting from circumstances also leading to the first error?)


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Re: 665 - error on renaming of folders

#2 Post by Morg » 25.07.2014, 20:42

Update from myself:

after trying out the 667 donor version, I found:

problem persists in x86 version
problem doesn't exist in x64 version

Maybe that helps...

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Re: 665 - error on renaming of folders

#3 Post by bgillis » 12.10.2014, 10:36

I use the same FC version and got a very similar issue.
This issue exists even in previous versions of FC (without XE).

As soon as you rename a folder in the treeview... the path is not updated in the panel (above the treeview).
As a consequence, when you try any action (eg. copy or delete) on the folder/file view on any file or folder of this renamed folder, you will get an error (error depending on the selected action).

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