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Plain view not opens multiple selection

Posted: 10.04.2014, 11:57
by alf5000
- problem does NOT ALWAYS happen
- I can reproduce it pretty frequently, but I am not sure how to actually trigger the misbehavior

- if the multiple selection of (plain-viewed) files is spread over different folders it is *almost always* the case

1) switch to Plain view
2) select more files of the same type (.docx)
3) be sure the the selected files are located in different folders
4) hit "Enter"
5) I then get this message
(problem also tested for .pdf, but I don't get an error-message from PDFXchangeViewer - it just doesn't open the all files)

perhaps somehow related to this: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5162&p=16855#p15721

Re: Plain view not opens multiple selection

Posted: 12.02.2017, 22:17
by alf5000
741 still has that problem :(

If I am in plain view and select .docx files from different folders FCXE can't send all files to Word.
From plain view Word only opens those files located in the same folder which contains the first opened file (I can't describe it better, but maybe it helps Marek).
So FCXE sends all files from one folder to Word correctly but FCXE cannot 'switch' to the next folder and send some more files to Word.

also tested (and buggy):
.pdf --> pdf-xchange
.xlsx --> excel

strangely enough (not buggy):
.mp3 --> Winamp is no problem