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652 - Select items

Posted: 27.01.2014, 17:52
by UFO
With option "full row select":
Select a file in the column "Name", press and hold shift and select another file in a different column (e.g. date), then only this both files are selected like I had pressed ctrl. If you repeat this with more different colums a little bit strange selection is activ. Or is that a feature and I donĀ“t check it?

Without option "full row select":
Only after a mouseover all the items are marked as selected (background color). In the status bar the number of selected items is correct.

Re: 652 - Select items

Posted: 28.01.2014, 19:39
by Zorkoff

I only tried the full row selection part of the report and it behaves as described. Strange behavior.

Although the selection of files in the file list is strange, the total selected at the bottom correctly reflects the files highlighted.

Also, if the strange selection is copied (drag and drop) to another folder, just the files highlighted are copied. So it appears that the problem is confined to highlighting entries and not operations once highlighted.

Re: 652 - Select items

Posted: 06.04.2014, 12:59
by alf5000
still exists in xe657

Re: 652 - Select items

Posted: 25.07.2014, 19:28
by alf5000
problem in 667 still exist
should eventually get fixed - selecting files/folders is basic feature of a file-commander and should/must work flawlessly

Re: 652 - Select items

Posted: 04.08.2014, 15:52
by MdJ
This problem still exists in 668 august 1 2014 and before.

As a photographer I use a lot the shortcut shift + mouseclick for selecting a block of files for copying files from my sd-card to a folder.
For example I want to select all the files from august 1 2014. In the left pane that shows the files on my SD card I select the first file of august 1. Next I press the shift key and select the last file with a mouseclick. You expect that all the files between the first and the last file of august 1 2014 would be selected as one block so you can drag them to another station in the right pane. This is standard Windows behaviour.

Free commander selects often the first and the last files only. Or picks some files between the first and last file at random. Sometimes it selects a proper block.

After you made the selection and Freecommander selects the first and last file only, you can do a shift + mouseclick again and it will select a block + an extra file inaccurately.

Sometimes FC refuses to select a block. Then handpick the files with Ctrl+mouseclick is the only option. Annoying when you shoot a lot of pictures at a particular day.

Making a selection with shortcuts in a filemanager is an essential operation.

acer one 2 gig windows 7 latest updates
core 2 duo T7800 2 gig windows xp

With shift + mouseclick FreeComander selects the first and last file only with randomly some files in between instead of one block

Re: 652 - Select items

Posted: 04.08.2014, 20:24
by Marek
I have uploaded the release 6681 - please test if the selection is now ok. Please check different options.

Re: 652 - Select items

Posted: 05.08.2014, 14:28
by alf5000
fooled around a bit and I think 6681 fixed the selection problems

Re: 652 - Select items

Posted: 05.08.2014, 16:39
by MdJ
I think the problems has been fixed. I tested: select with shift + mouseclick = perfect; Ctrl + mouseclick = perfect; drag the selection = perfect; select one file = perfect; Ctrl + a = perfect. Are there any other options I have to check?

This fix makes life a lot easier.

So I'am most happy!

Thank you very much Marek

Re: 652 - Select items

Posted: 05.08.2014, 19:43
by UFO
For me the first part of the problem still exists (see under start thread: "With option "full row select"). I checked it with 668. Can anybody confirm this?