621-ulister wlx load failure on the second load

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621-ulister wlx load failure on the second load

#1 Post by kidault » 13.09.2013, 20:59

• Make sure you use the latest version of FreeCommander XE (if possible).

• Report a bug only if it has appeared repeatedly.
yes, it has appeared repeatedly

• Describe the steps to reproduce a bug (if possible).
i've install the ulister 32bit and setup it in "configure viewer - plugins", and copy the oracle file to the ulister dir
after start he FCXE, when i press F3 on docx the first time, it works without prbolem
close the viewer windows, then press F3 on some office 2010 file, it fails with a message, title is Viewer, content is "Exceptions in plugin "ulister.wlx" in function "listload""
after restart FCXE, first time success, second time fail, always the same.

the problem do not occur on my win xp 32bit in virtual machine

• Report the FreeCommander version and operation system. E.g. "FreeCommander 629, Windows 7 SP1 64-bit".
FreeCommander XE 621, Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, simplified chinese

• Sometimes it's useful to make a screenshot of the problem.

• Try to reproduce a bug with default settings and without the plugins. To do this use these command line parameters (your old settings file will be preserved):

no difference

• Do not start the new topics for XE version in "Bug Reports", "Confirmed Bugs" and "Beta Confirmed Bugs" forums.

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