synchronize redo (not a bug, but not good feature..)

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synchronize redo (not a bug, but not good feature..)

#1 Post by ian » 21.10.2007, 08:15

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After you have done a synchronize (ie hit the compare button, then the synchronize button) FC automatically wants to do the compare again.
Given the initial compare might have taken a long time (the one I just did was about 30 minutes!) you then have to cancel it..

It shouldn't do this, in fact it should only update the screen by the changing the status of the files it has just copied, as you might now want to hit one of the other arrows and do a different copy - and there is no need to do the compare again as FC knows what has just changed! Or even if you don't want to do that you probably just want to get out of the synchronize screen - without running another compare..

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Can this be changed in a new version of FC?

#2 Post by Agnes » 17.11.2009, 16:57

I'm experiencing the same "problem".
It takes a long time to first compare the two folders,
and after the synchronisation, it compares the two folders again!

Can this be an option/new functionality in a new version of FC?


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