feature request: search attributes, modify timestamp

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feature request: search attributes, modify timestamp

#1 Post by jbosma » 07.10.2008, 22:46

I would like to make two feature requests:

1) file search (Alt-F7), in the Attr/Size tab, allow the file attributes to individually be tri-state, i.e. Match if Attribute Set, Match if Attribute Clear, or Ignore Attribute (which should be the default). Currently the attributes are either on or off, and there is only one check box to "Select files only if attribute exactly matched." I can't figure out exactly how it works, but it doesn't seem to allow you to select, say, all files with the A bit clear and H set, ignoring the state of R and S. (And if you decide to take this suggestion, it would be nice to include a button in this area to set "All -> Ignore" with one click.)

2) In the File|Attributes/Timestamp dialog (Alt-A), in Set Timestamp, allow the individual time stamps to be modified or left alone. The way it seems to work now is that if you change a time from the initial value, an unmodifiable check box becomes set, but once you have changed the time (possibly by accident), there is no way to cancel setting that time except to close the dialog and start over. It would be more useful to allow the check box to be checked or not-checked, meaning "set the timestamp to the value shown" or "leave the timestamp alone."


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#2 Post by Dreamer » 07.10.2008, 23:00

I support suggestion #1!

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#3 Post by wkrekik » 09.10.2008, 11:36

I support point #1 too


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