Display system folder instead of drives

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Display system folder instead of drives

#1 Post by andi.k » 22.09.2008, 18:27

Maybe this can already be done with the current version (if so, I am sure you're gonna tell me...):

I would like to have the possibility to display a system folder as the top node of the folder tree view. Currently the top node is always(?) a physical or network drive (with drive letter) or the network places.

In the toolbar I have found a button, which displays system folders, such as "Documents" or "Desktop". The problem is, the the whole drive "C:" is displayed too, so I can see all dirs in the root dir of the drive, all dirs in the folder "Documents and settings", all folders in "user",...

I have in mind to display "Documents" or "Desktop" as the top level of the folder tree and therefore I do not see any dirs above these. A similar feature can be found in the MS file explorer, where "Documents" and "Desktop" are separate nodes in the folder tree view.

I know that this description is a little confusing, but maybe you can get the idea of what I am missing.

Anyhow thanks a lot for your great work!

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#3 Post by Dreamer » 24.09.2008, 17:22

Like this?


http://forum.freecommander.com/viewtopi ... =2974#2974

If so, please add your support there, I'll close this (duplicate) topic then.


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