Multiple file selection with SHIFT when you go up a folder

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Multiple file selection with SHIFT when you go up a folder

#1 Post by jorgejiro » 25.09.2008, 15:32

In 2009.1.0.385 version (and previous versions), when I go to a folder that is not the first folder (the top one), and then return (with backspace), the previous folder is selected (logical behaviour), but If in this moment you try to use SHIFT key to select this selected folder and other folders/files below, the SHIFT behaviour doesn't work as expected (selecting this folder and others belows), because FreeCommanders selects all items from the top to the file where is your cursor.

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#2 Post by Perleon » 25.09.2008, 16:41

I have the 2008.06c version and experience the same problem.

Shift + Arrow Up (or Down) starts multi-select, but the file I stood on/started on, is not selected. I have to use the arrow-keys once before I press Shift and start selecting. That way I can select the file I start on.

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#3 Post by giangian » 26.09.2008, 14:46

I had notify that issue about 1 month and half a go (, but the issues still there.
In the meantime I have notice the same behaviour also if CTRL+R (refresh) it's pressed.

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#4 Post by Bearded Kirklander » 26.09.2008, 16:49

I believe I have seen this behavior as well, even with shift-mouse selections. It's as if it somehow loses track of the actual item for the selection, but not the display. When holding down the SHIFT key, it should definitely start the selection with the same item that is selected when you go back up a level.

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#5 Post by matera » 27.09.2008, 03:59

I have problems with the focus being where I don't expect it too, depending on how I go back or up. Once there was a very amusing case of mass deletion because I didn't look closely enough before hitting Shift+Delete while doing some housecleaning. My face looked funny then... :lol:


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