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Selection bug

Posted: 19.09.2008, 22:58
by Ivan1981
This bug exist in 2008.06b and 2008.06c version.2008.06a works fine.

Reproducing method:

1.Make a few tabs
2.In any tab select any file or directory except the first item on the top
3.Go to other tab
4.Go back to previous tab
5.Now you have two selected items.First file or dir on the top, and the other item that you selected before.

System is Windows XP with SP3.

Posted: 22.09.2008, 06:10
by giangian
Yes, I had notice that problem but i don't know how to reproduce.
Thank you for that.

Refresh bug still exists in 2008.06.c

Posted: 08.10.2008, 11:13
by Sten
I use version 2008.06.c however the bug still seems to exist. When I move a folder to a drive (drag & drop) it does not show unitl after I refresh (CTRL+R).

Posted: 21.02.2009, 23:46
by Ivan1981
This bug exist also in the new version of FC 2009.02 with the same reproducing method.
I see from post in beta forum that beta version Release 385/21.09.2008 have this bug solved.

Guess I have to use FC 2008.06a, latest version without this bug.

Posted: 22.02.2009, 18:55
by Marek
I can reproduce your problem in the version 2008.06c but not in the 2009.02.

Posted: 22.02.2009, 19:04
by Ivan1981
I copied ini file from 2008.06a to FC 2009.02 folder and I have this bug.

Now I deleted this ini file, and make few new tabs and bug is gone.Maybe some option that I'm using in FC 2008.06a create bug.I will try later to setup new FC and see what is causing this bug.

NC mode file selection

Posted: 22.02.2009, 20:08
by Ivan1981
I found where is the problem.
If I activate nc-mode bug is present, and if I turn off select files in nc mode bug is not present.

Posted: 22.02.2009, 20:58
by Marek
I see no problem in nc mode too.

Posted: 22.02.2009, 23:30
by Ivan1981
I tried one more time and bug is still there.I'm using zip version of FC.

I deleted the old ini file and start FC without freecommander.ini and there is no bug, and in options just check nc-mode(didn't change any other option) and bug is appearing.

OS is Windows XP with SP3.

Here is the screen:

I tried on other computer

Posted: 24.02.2009, 11:45
by Ivan1981
I was thinking that maybe my windows theme or something like that produced bug(coloring the .. items) and try FC 2009.02 zip on brother's laptop(windows xp with sp2) and on my friend desktop(windows xp with sp3) and bug is still there when I activate nc-mode for selecting files.

I noticed something: If for example I select one txt file on the the tab then make move to other tab and go back to previous tab I have two items selected with blue color .. item and that txt file.And if I do F3(view) than view of that txt file is activated.That means that right file is selected but .. item or first dir if I'm on root is also colored but not selected.

Posted: 25.02.2009, 20:34
by Marek
I can confirm: only XP in NC modus.