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displaying file names while doing a synchronize..

Posted: 19.10.2007, 08:50
by ian
Not sure is this can be classified as a bug - but when doing a sync the file names flash past very fast in the status bar after it has done the preliminary scans. I suspect that this might be slowing it down quite a bit - particularly between two big directories..

Posted: 19.10.2007, 09:14
by ian
..and if it isn't that it must be something else slowing it down, as it's running a lot slower than it should (I have a vba macro that will do a sync faster!) when it is only using the size/time stamps..


Posted: 11.11.2007, 04:59
by ian
..and it's still doing it.. Even on a relatively small directory ie the current one I'm doing has 4190 directories and 56900 files the sync (not the actual file shifting, just the report) takes a looonnnggg time. And thats with just using the timestamp and file size to see if files are equal.

Why is it taking so long? The one that's currently running took about 20 seconds (each) to populate the on both sides, and is now scrolling through files in the status bar.

It's been running for 15 minutes so far, yet my vba macro running in excel can do the whole compare (after it has the file list) in a few seconds! I mean, comparing 56900 timestamps and sizes should only take a few seconds at the most!!

So I suspect there is a bug in there somewhere, and for the moment will just have to accept that the synchronize in FC is just unusable.

- and yep, the one mentioned above is still running... I'll get sick of it using up 100% of one of my cpu's in a few minutes and kill it...

Posted: 13.11.2007, 21:16
by Marek
Hi Ian,

you are right, it was very slow. I have found a bug.
Now I have tested with 70000 (left) and 20000 (right) files - 10-15 sec.

Posted: 13.11.2007, 21:44
by ian
Can you give me a link to download the version with the bug fix (so I can test it) or email it to me?

- and did you try turning off the file display as well? You might find that drops another 5 seconds off - or even more... Windows isn't that good at doing very fast screen updates, I found this out years ago when one of my programs dropped from 30 seconds to .5 second by just taking out the screen updates showing what it was doing (too many updates..).