Directory size doesn't always activate when clicked

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Directory size doesn't always activate when clicked

#1 Post by Geoff » 19.10.2007, 03:48

When clicking the KB icon to display the size of sub-directories, it doesn't activate and show the sizes, unless you explicitly click on a folder in the RHS pane first.

Ideally clicking the KB icone would enable/disable the size of sub-directories and refresh the display immediately.

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#2 Post by Marek » 20.10.2007, 21:30

It works fine for me.
This option is panel specific.

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#3 Post by ian » 21.10.2007, 08:09

I find it semi ok - if you click on it in the middle of the panel getting the sizes, it seems to miss the click some times, or even if it gets it (and cancels the size calcs) it can take a loooong while to happen. I've found it's best to go to a small directory, let it finish on that, then hit the button to turn it off..

Try it on a big drive with a quite few files (in quite nested directories - ie say 500gb disk with at least 300K files in over a 1000 directories) and you'll see what happens.

I suspect that the messages are being processed between scanning each top level directory, but not while a directory is being scanned, which is causing the delay.

Edit: I just checked one of my busiest disk (the one I try never to have the dir sizes showing on) and I have over 600,000 files on it, in about 14k directories...:-)

Yes - that's why I don't use windows explorer!!


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