request improvement about copy/move option

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request improvement about copy/move option

#1 Post by giggetto2 » 15.09.2008, 08:56

Well, first of all, thanks for your product, very fine. Only a thing, I'm an old user of Total Commander, since the first issue in Windows 95 (named at that time Windows Commander)-for my major use of PC, ie photos and music, I often have the necessity to copy/rename/move hundreds of files-well, Total Commander give the user the possibility in case of duplicating file to take a lot of decision, ie "overwrite only same file, but with date older than the new"-I don't see this particular and usefull option in Free Commander. May be possible in some future releases, to improve to this possibility? Thanks in advance, anyway, and again my appreciation for the product. :idea:

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#2 Post by giangian » 15.09.2008, 09:36

I support it too
I know... my english it's not perfect

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Re: request improvement about copy/move option

#3 Post by FLiER » 15.09.2008, 14:03

Might take a place after the own file operations will be used.

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#4 Post by jljovano » 17.09.2008, 15:19

You should consider using SuperCopier2 (, a very fast, very convenient remplacement for the Windows copy and move. It is easy to integrate with FC and give all the wanted options (and lots more).

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