MultiRename - Great undocumented features!

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MultiRename - Great undocumented features!

#1 Post by sohailb » 18.08.2008, 11:16

I am trying to rename some files like this:

Lost - s02e00 - Destination Lost.avi
Lost - s02e01 - Man of Science, Man of Faith.avi
Lost - s02e02 - Adrift.avi
Lost - s02e03 - Orientation.avi
Lost - s02e04 - Everybody Hates Hugo.avi


Lost - Season2 - 00 - Destination Lost.avi
Lost - Season2 - 01 - Man of Science, Man of Faith.avi
Lost - Season2 - 02 - Adrift.avi
Lost - Season2 - 03 - Orientation.avi
Lost - Season2 - 04 - Everybody Hates Hugo.avi

Before thinking of the replace feature (I could replace 's02e' with ' - Season2 - ') I tried using some form of the [n] verb to get the last part of the name. Here is what I found:
[n1] Gives you the first letter
[n10] Gives you the first 10 letters
[n-10] Gives you the last 10 letters

This would be a great help if for example I was going to rename the files like this (stupid example, I know):

Destination Lost - Season2 - 00.avi
Man of Science, Man of Faith - Season2 - 01.avi
Adrift - Season2 - 02.avi
Orientation - Season2 - 03.avi
Everybody Hates Hugo - Season2 - 04.avi

I could not figure out anything to give me the letters from 5th to the end, or letters from 5th to 10th. Do you know of any source for more info?
(The chm help file does not include MultiRename topic at all!)

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#2 Post by uwee » 18.08.2008, 17:03

5th to the end: [n,5]
5th to 10th: [n,5,5]

If you click on the small blue arrows on the right side of the pattern field you will see some more (i think quite self explanatory) possibilities for renaming....

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#3 Post by sohailb » 19.08.2008, 09:59

Thank you uwee, I didn't see that.
But still the [n10] and [n-10] remain undocumented :wink:

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