Wrong file highlighting when NC-style selection is enabled

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Wrong file highlighting when NC-style selection is enabled

#1 Post by VMat » 06.03.2017, 01:51


Another bug (actually this was the first one that I've found). This one really annoys me... because I love the NC-Mode selection (I'm wondering if other people have the same issue). So please see what you can do in terms of priority. I've seen this bug in builds 715, 716b, and now in 740, but I wasn't sure how to reproduce it until a few days ago.

  • Downloaded the latest portable stable version (http://freecommander.com/downloads/Free ... rtable.zip).
  • Enabled NC-Mode (sticky) selection in the settings.
  • Changed the viewing mode to detailed (ctrl+F2).
  • Opened four tabs in the left panel, all pointing to the same folder (but it happens with different folders as well).
  • Moved the highlight down in one tab (down arrow).
  • Navigated to the next tab (ctrl+tab).
  • Moved the highlight down in this tab too, but to a different file (e.g., second file in the previous tab and third file in this tab).
  • Navigated back to the previous tab (ctrl+shift+tab) - at this point there were two files highlighted, the one I highlighted before, and the "..".
  • Navigated to the second tab again (ctrl+tab), and the same happened. Two highlighted files.
Version: FreeCommander XE 2017 Build 740 32-bit public (portable)
OS: Windows 10



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