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Selection duplicated in other tabs

Posted: 06.03.2017, 01:33
by VMat
I was starting to file a bug report when I found another. Here's what I did:
  • Downloaded the latest portable stable version ( ...
  • Enabled NC-Mode (sticky) selection in the settings.
  • Changed the viewing mode to detailed (ctrl+F2)
  • Opened four tabs in the left panel, all pointing to the same folder.
  • Selected (spacebar) one file in the first tab.
  • Navigated through the other tabs (ctrl+tab), and the same file was already selected in all of them, although I only selected it in the first tab.
  • De-selected (spacebar) the file in one tab.
  • Navigated through the tabs (ctrl+tab), and the file was still selected in all of them - including the one where I de-selected the file (after I cycled through all tabs and got back to this one).
Not a really big deal, but I believe it's something to be fixed.

Version: FreeCommander XE 2017 Build 740 32-bit public (portable)
OS: Windows 10