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Bug of loading multiple favorite folders

Posted: 02.03.2017, 13:09
by nene
FreeCommander is truly an awesome file manager. Really love it. :P

Here is a bug (or feature) I encountered when using the latest version.

Version: FreeCommander XE 2017 Build 740 on Windows 7 SP1 32-bit

FC can not correctly load multiple folders saved in favorite items.

For example, suppose we have a "category" containing two folders D:\Software (1st item) and D:\Temp (2nd item)
configured as loading in the Right panel.

When right click on this "category" and select "Open all in tabs", folders are NOT loaded correctly.
Instead, the right panel will have two tabs both pointing to D:\Temp

Is this just a feature, not a bug?

Hope this issue could be resolved in the future.

Thank "Marek Jasinski" again for his excellent efforts in delivering this application.