Selecting and sending of files glitches

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Selecting and sending of files glitches

#1 Post by Forez » 08.09.2020, 13:14

After updating from a few months old version to Build 810a 32-bit public I started experiencing glitches relating apparently to selection of files. So far I encountered two of them

1] When in a Plain View Mode [available with CTRL + B] I select all of files and then send them to the Multirename Window [by using CTRL + M], the widow is opened with all that files plus with folders which are located in that folder. So despite of not seeing them and not selecting them, the folders somehow are selected along with files and sent to Multirename [the sub-folders from within those folders are not loaded]. Aso if I do not spot occurring of that bug, I simply mess up names of my folders [as I do not expect them to by loaded to Multirename Window and I am under impressions of using renaming command on files only]

This does not happen always so I do not know what exactly triggers this

2] When filtering with Quick Filter I am able to select all of the files [leaving folders out] and drag them to a third party software- but then nothing happens; that is when it is 20 or more files. So if I select only 19 and drag them then I can successfully drop them to a software

That third party software is uTorrent 3.4.7 Beta Build 42300, the files are .TORRENT

My system is Windows 10 Enterprise x64 18362.535

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