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Weird multi-file VLC interaction

Posted: 09.08.2020, 00:48
by avigor
Windows 10 1909 18363.959 (there are updates available but I haven't installed them yet)
VLC 3.0.11
FC 810a 32-bit public
Every time I attempt to open multiple video files from FC into VLC (my default media player), after clicking ok on the warning about opening too many and/or too large files simultaneously, VLC launches with video and controls separated. This is not a problem from regular Explorer, and it doesn't happen if I only open one file at a time or drag multiple files into an open VLC playlist (i.e. if I open VLC first).

Re: Weird multi-file VLC interaction

Posted: 09.08.2020, 10:14
by Dreamer
Confirmed, when selecting items and press Enter, but it's the same with Windows Explorer.

Anyway, I tested more, and sometimes it works good - 1 window is opened correctly - in both, Explorer and FC. I tried to reproduce it, but I think it's quite random, it's like 5 or 10 times wrong, once OK, try to select different number of files every time.

I have no such a problem with other players and other file types (PotPlayer, MPC-BE, AIMP).

EDIT: I thought it's just in FC, but since it's the same in Explorer and FC, probably it's a VLC issue, so try to report it also in the VLC forum / support.

FC 810a 32-bit public, 826 donor 64-bit, VLC 3.0.8, Windows 10 2004 64-bit.

Re: Weird multi-file VLC interaction

Posted: 09.08.2020, 21:57
by avigor
Weird cause Explorer doesn't do this to me, it's only from FC that this happens for me... I dunno what's going on.

Re: Weird multi-file VLC interaction

Posted: 10.08.2020, 21:30
by Dreamer
Your Windows version is different, but it really works weird, as I said, same files - once OK, after few seconds - broken.

I think you will find more testers in the VLC forum - and since it work like that, I think it's not a FC issue, must be a VLC or Windows issue.