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Favourites disappearing

#1 Post by richsdixon » 08.04.2020, 13:30

Hi there

Am using FreeCommanderXE 2020 Build 810a 32-bit public

Am entirely new to the software, having been using it two days to replace my increasing irritance with Windows Explorer! Seems really good to me but now on 3 occasions in the last two days I've lost all my favourites in the favourites bar. It only happens when I go to add another folder (i.e. right click on Favourite Items and : it adds it, but all my existing favourites disappear. I'm not entirely sure what I've done wrong but the last time it happened I was adding "Add active and inactive panel folder" on the right-click.

Given that it's happened 3 times in a couple of days since using it, it slightly puts me off maybe using it any further as I heavily rely on the Favourite Items bar (as I did in Windows Explorer). Anyone got any tips?

Best wishes

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