Can FC be integrated into Windows Explorer & also have a 3d

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Can FC be integrated into Windows Explorer & also have a 3d

#1 Post by pintree3 » 30.08.2015, 10:50

New 1st time user. Having begun using Windows 10 I truly do not like it's Explorer. There are many positive things about it--truly clean and neat but, due to its whiteness and lack of color I can't see where something begins and something else ends hence why I am trying FreeCommander.
It has lots of lovely feature but way too much for me and quite overwhelming if I may. It took me quite a while to figure out how to make it look more like Windows 7/8 explorer.
But I have 2 problems. 1st is I don't like to have to open it separately. I would like to go to any folder (of which a few shortcuts are on my desktop) and automatically have it open with FC. Is this possible? and if so, how do I do it.
Also, it looks quite flat--very XP like and I was wondering if I could make it more 3d like. maybe some depth in its icons, folders--slight shadow perhaps. Is this possible?

And finally a bonus question :-) The top bar where it says, File, Edit, Folder etc. how is it called? Would it be possible to add some color there as well and possibly have a visible border of a sort where one ends and the other starts (from file to edit, from edit to Folder etc.)
thank you

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Re: Can FC be integrated into Windows Explorer & also have a

#2 Post by therealjd » 17.09.2015, 19:43

you can add a right-click option for folders, see here: ... =18&t=6874

Also, you can alter any of the default icons to something else

1. right-click on the toolbar
2. select the toolbar you want to edit
3. select the details button to edit the command
4. browse to a custom icon
5. new icon will appear. click ok to close the dialog box and apply your changes
6. once you've exited out of the editor, you'll see your new icons

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