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by jazz albert
07.11.2016, 22:30
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Topic: How replace WindowsExplorer for FreeCommander by defaut ?
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Re: Replace Explorer Shell in Win7 to FreeCommander XE by R-

[...] [/color][/size] Well, for me this does nothing As explained my settings above do not touch the Control Panel at all and they definitely work on Windows 7 ! If you cant understand just don't use it. Well, for me this doesn't work, at ...
by jazz albert
07.11.2016, 22:23
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: THUMBNAIL VIEW For PDF doesn't work?
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Re: THUMBNAIL VIEW For PDF doesn't work?

Hi, I am trying to get FC to show me thumbs of PDF files. Setting the view type to View Images doesn't show the thumb. In Windows Explorer I can see thumbs when the view type is set to Thumbnails. How can I get FC to show thumbnails like Windows Explorer does? Thanks! I was getting same error but i...