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by Hannes Rannes
06.12.2016, 02:52
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: 731 crashing
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Re: 731 crashing

It also crashes when a new external drive is connected or disconnected.
by Hannes Rannes
18.06.2016, 12:25
Forum: Resolved Bugs, Issues, Requests
Topic: resize buttons (25%, 50%, 75%) do not seem to work anymore
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Re: resize buttons (25%, 50%, 75%) do not seem to work anymo

I can confirm that, I just wanted to report the same issue!
by Hannes Rannes
23.11.2012, 08:31
Forum: Resolved Bugs, Issues, Requests
Topic: 606 - No File Menu
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Re: 606 - No File Menu

Confirmed for 607.
by Hannes Rannes
10.01.2009, 14:13
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: FC freezes if "size of folders" and "sort by
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I can confirm the problem. Just wanted to report it in the german forum. It first appeared a few months ago. It doesn't have to do with time-consuming operations, it even happens in folders with nearly any subfolders/files. Furthermore the FC usually still remains responsive to user interaction whil...
by Hannes Rannes
12.10.2007, 22:48
Forum: Resolved Bugs, Issues, Requests
Topic: Folder TABS - Access Violation
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I got the same error today.

I have 2 installations of FC (on the same computer, but different configuration and drive), it only happened with one at the first start-up.

After the error, FC worked fine and I also could not reproduce the problem.
by Hannes Rannes
12.10.2007, 22:43
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: GREP search and NOT(search) function
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I suggest a better search window with
  • - more possibilities (like the normal panels)
    - more complex search instructions (AND, OR, NOT, etc.)
    - and post-processing of search results (search in results or filters etc.).
by Hannes Rannes
09.10.2007, 00:59
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: "no to all" on copy, and skip file on error
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Own file operations are planned for the future anyway, probably it will just be a question of time any more to be more flexible in this regard. ;)
by Hannes Rannes
04.10.2007, 16:40
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Color directories by name
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If there is some time, i would generally appreciate some "String" features, like ignoring defined "pre-Strings" (like file and directory names beginning with "The *") etc. But I think this will be a plenty of work and also should be implemented well thought-out (for a h...